Ode to the sublime precarious – Ode al sublime precario – Odă sublimului precar

valeriu dg barbu

© valeriu barbu -Trilingual post The English version by Mihaela Jahn


(from the cycle “Fresh Surfeits”)
We don’t even look at the sky anymore
It rains upside down with reproaches which later, come back in unanswered prayers, crippled, despondent,
We’ve traveled the universe bare foot since we were little
The scars on our soles and in our palms are from back then
Now we want the material badly, even if we’re injured,
We want, and God forbid the moment when we don’t want,
Because the dream projects deities sideways
By face and resemblance, and not the other way around…
Enough.. It’s an abstract issue, playing happiness
We poke yards of silk towards, always, the beyond
Where the sublime can’t go on anymore without us…
Sometimes, one or another pierces through
And that one is a baby again, or un-grown or a poet…
Let’s take maturity off and throw…

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