The blind woman on the hill – La donna cieca sulla collina – Oarba pe deal

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post, the english version by Mihaela Jahn


A hill was carrying a cart on his back at twilight 
The coals in the sky are revealing in thin strips
All the struggle is to make the mirrors happy, to stuff our Egos
With tired backbones, from the dehydrated foreheads
When life reaches an orgasm, it drops you like a hooker who didn’t dare ask for payment in advance
The sirens of the deserted town are bellowing hoarsely
Ivy is growing tall, invading the ones-upon-a-time elastic buildings
The mermaids of the oceans are coming out of the water famished and they start dancing lasciviously on the shore for nobody’s pleasure
The sailors, all in mutiny, close themselves in s.o.s. bottles, waiting for another millennium
The statues are chewing mouthfuls of asphalt, they get drunk on their previous shadows
And are straddling, the curbs are floating turned into clouds…

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