I do not write more – Non scrivo più – Nu mai scriu

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post, translations by me


Some confuse love like a virus and the falling in love… a fever
Some an electrical load, others a nuclear
The poets are throwing in the sublime, the pessimists in the drudgery
The mystics say… is a transcendence in the subject of love
Instinctively …everyone looks up to the sky
the word is used so much, love, that its meaning escapes us
between the letters as a honey wasted, not tasted…
the mute, the deaf, the blind …love probably more, as true priests or
like the farmers on the fields
sophisticated technologies and the hunt for symbols occupies us all the time
in wich …we could love
Look, I do not write more, time is becoming less and less…


Alcuni confondono l’amore come fosse un virus, l’innamoramento una febbre
Alcuni un carico elettrico, altri uno nucleare
I poeti lo sta gettando nel sublime…

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