between the worlds not parallels enough – tra i mondi non abbastanza paralleli – între lumi nu îndeajuns de paralele

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post, translations by me


the smell of the world rises above
as the misunderstood prayers, stereotyped as something like a whispered …
hum of planet and creaking of toothed wheels with broken teeth, collide in the ears of the sky
a monotonous music, irritating
mottled colors which increasingly extends besieging blue, it shows up there
a irreversible waste as a cancer
the taste of the clay do not know it… those in too up, and they imagine bitter salts,
is really just a bread yet raw
the fingertips and the soles at who is too up are holograms rarefied
would not feel as we… when we touch the sky
here, down, there’s only one thing that spreads confusion, we do not know which would be the harmony
between the spirit and clay, we see wrong just a fight

because the worlds are not perfectly…

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