Pinocchio was a girl – Pinocchio era una ragazza – Pinocchio era fată

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post, translations by me


under his yellow wig of old Geppetto, it hides
Collodi’s stepdaughter, his hands has created a… secret
Pinocchio had a soul of girl, of anonymous fairy…
When visited me the first time,
in the childhood room with window toward the sawmill
Pinocchio was a boy like me
but, I loved to Mimi, the girl next door
and I wanted her to come she… with the same joy that
seems that just he had …
to the celebration of the end of the year, I caught the Mimi
with Pinocchio on stage, playing in a theater…
and then, my room was rotated with the window toward the Danube …
other tales without Mimi and, soon, without childhood …
Yesterday, I was watching a ghost among the chestnut trees of an age with me,
a woman with a veil, stray in time, she, walked away……

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