Eggs – Uova – Ouă

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post, english version by Mihaela Jahn


Today everybody invites you to drink with them
But nobody… to dinner
The woman has a portable computer, a portable man
And four shelves of cosmetics,
90 % of the wardrobe, 51% of the remote controls,
professional carrier, vices and services
The children belong to themselves, the leash holds a dog on each end, you and…
On the street, the passers-by can’t figure out which one is the genuine one
The hope for living is played on the stock exchange, in casinos, high offices
The adds advertise for a new brand of disgust: the crisis laid eggs
The famous lines of long ago moved to protest meetings
Something is to be had
They got in more stocks
They have a promotion today
Behind heavy curtains, the chosen ones, the anointed, cough rhetorically careless
Trams, trains, are trained to circulate on only…

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