precarious commas – virgole precari – virgule precare

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post, bad translation by me


Motto:you count the freshmen in the autumn – said the fox …
everything tends towards miniaturization
even though the universe … states that it is expanding, we wander in the same spiral
the ends of which are more numerous and all converge at a point
The point, then, is the model to which we aspire
And, comes the doubt as a courage crazy anarchist who
transforms us into commas
the ends mimic the spiral – the will… straying
we become impetuous crayfish …
in the lives of some there is only one autumn, the last
for others, every day is a season
and slowly we all go to curl up on the same point
nobody reproaches us for doubts, sins, years
only the indifference
the lost loves, and the courage to be cowardly daily


Motto:nell’autunno si conta le…

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