Do not tell anyone …! – Non dirlo a nessuno …! – Nu mă spuneți la nimeni…!

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian translations by me

my wife betrays me
with me
One day is kissing me as if I were dead
means that I am husband
in another day burn the sky and flows whole between of us – he kisses me
like … forever
somehow should I get a divorce from only half a woman? …
or should I forget the husband somewhere … in the kitchen, for example …?
she loves me –
how I am so sure? … she cooks …
and to me, the other half non-divorceable, fills me with the idea of woman


mia moglie mi tradisce
proprio con me
Un giorno mi sta baciando come fossi morto
allora sono il marito
in un altro il cielo bruccia e scorre tutto tra di noi – mi bacia
come fosse… per sempre
devo chiedere il divorzio solo per la…

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