The rain – La pioggia – Ploaia

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post. English, Italian and Romanian bad translations by me

A November rain fell over the city. I was almost asleep. A strange thunder is heard in echoes away and … suddenly silent. An unnatural silence governs everything.
An energy field surrounds the Earth. It’s very powerful and unknown
The broadcast media and telephone lines, including satellite, have fallen. Absolutely any data medium is removed and becomes useless. Clocks and digital displays are locked, set at 11.59. For the first time in the history of watches, they are all perfectly synchronized; time zone no longer exists, as the Earth has become a point.
Internet is only a memory together with any form of transmission. Relatively soon, all the power lines have fallen.
New air or something in the air, it choking engine operations. No vehicle combustion or electric motor, on battery, electrical generators as well, do not work; have…

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