lime – calce – var

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian translations by me

Motto:Have you seen kissing two grains of sand?

It would seem that today in the rooms of poor myself
it is giving with lime
I not have even a little corner in which to curl up and I write something
They stained the sheet, look how much is white…

I went out to the streets. There is no one … Maybe everyone is living there
in those rooms.

A gust of wind is flying, proud contour of the pen,
raises two specks of dust in a initiatory dance
I get lost to look and I forget the way back
back to myselfcalce


Motto: Hai visto baciarsi due granelli di sabbia?

Sembrerebbe che oggi nelle stanze del mio povero sé
si sta dando con calce
Non è ho alcun angoletto in cui rannicchiarmi e scrivere qualcosa
Hanno macchiato il foglio, guarda…

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