the ivy – l’edera – iedera

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian translations by me

you lean of a word, that radiates cold
the left eye goes down …
pierces in the back the point not-put
climbs slowly along the spine, The Incomprehensible…
is too harsh bark of the word, no, not one that
means loneliness and indifference,
you’re sipping a kind of absence that sweats and just…
a ball of fire writhing in the plexus, you want
you want a speck of heat, the word
besiege you as a ivy
the right eye has a beating, a fish in the pond with letters…
the pen tip do lightning, thunders, is going to rain
the wind of astonishment pushes the water beyond of the sheet
you lean in your shadow, radiates cold, The Non-Forgiveness


ti appoggi di una parola, che irradia freddo
l’occhio sinistro tramonta…
s’infilza nella schiena… il punto non-messo
si arrampica lentamente lungo…

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