total vain – totale invano – total zadar

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian translations by me

I am the cloud that rains
right there where is the flood –
I make too much squandering of me in this world …!
then, presumably that I woke up, I’m going to bring the rains where
are much-needed
everything is already too dry …and once again I increase the vain
Okay, I give up these clothes and I go down in the Man
and curse the rains non-rain of the time non-time
always satisfied-dissatisfied
yesterday I was a smoke, tomorrow who knows … maybe I’ll be
your guest and you will not say that
just… you are not home
No. You’re not at home.
A squandering of houses, of people, of clouds, of time, of rain…


Io sono la nuvola che piove
proprio lì dov’è l’inondazione –
faccio così troppo sperpero di me in questo mondo…!

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