A planet always unknown – Un pianeta sempre sconosciuto – O planetă mereu necunoscută

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text, english version by Bastet

man is woman’s natural satellite
it’s women who treat him like a god
and he, credulous, takes the charm… and carries it to another woman
for confirmation…
The latter made him believe that he will be forever young
he takes eternity and brings it to another woman, for confirmation…
all three women meet in the place of eternity and…
looking at one another with curiosity, they plant a quickly fatal flower and… piously share
a new culinary recipe…
on their dark veils they hang, hundreds of printed eyes of new gods…deadly
– Woman, always an unknown planet, wasted natural satellites.


l’uomo è satellite naturale della donna
sono le donne che lo stanno trattando come fosse un dio
e lui, credulo, prende quel fascino …e lo porta a un’altra donna
per confermare
Quest’ultima lo fa credere che lui è per sempre giovane
e lui prende…

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