The thief of time – Il ladro del tempo – Hoțul de timp

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

He bought a lot of boxes and jars
with creams, ointments miraculous, essences and delusions
seven times a day opened containers with dexterity of world record
And then he closed them, with his soul in these…
have not yet been invented ointments for the soul
he did not know any prayer and the hopes have only a vague outline
However, with their new skills, the time for opening-closing of the boxes
sucking his moment… the other facts that so, remained unfinished
Someone tried to steal… the time…


ha comprato un sacco di scatole e barattoli
con creme, unguenti miracolosi, essenze e deliri
sette volte al giorno apriva i contenitori con destrezza da record mondiale
E poi li chiudeva, con la sua anima in questi…
ancora non sono stati inventati unguenti per l’anima
lui non sapeva alcuna preghiera e le speranze erano soltanto una vaga sagoma

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