Dawn has always been here – l’alba è sempre stata qui – zorii sunt dintotdeauna aici

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

do you think that is stretch of the telescopes
and raises a tattered curtain and anointed –
look, the stars are just holes through which pierces the sun …
in one day I will get up there to sew it…
Dawn has always been here, if you close your eyes does not mean twilight
the night you think that comes as a booth in the day, a sort of dark room
where you can hide for dreaming, and dreaming of fresh lengthening your bones
the night is only a return on the day itself
day he looked twisting the eye into inside
what thou you cannot, O!… if you could! …no answer will not ever expect
a questions


ti sembra che si estendono dei telescopi
e solleva una tenda sbrindellata e unta –
guardi, le stelle sono solo i fori attraverso dove trafigge il sole …
in un…

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