I am telling, I am not telling – Lo dico, non lo dico – spun, nu spun

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text, English version by Mihaela Jahn

I am singing to you, but your ears are torn
They’re pouring in fringes among anemic footsteps in obscure discotheques .
I am dancing for you, look how your shadow withdraws, it’s running away from me, it absorbs you like a grave –
I am dying to you in your place, semi-opaque statue made of water and smoke…
any form of expression is denied to me, we’re exchanging epidermis
you’re giving me the basalt, I am giving you perpetual short-circuits
Instead of all these, I am following you, I am catching up with you, I am offering you a flower, I am blushing and
I am not saying anything…


Io canto, ma le tue orecchie sono rotti
scorrono frange tra anemici passi in una discoteca oscura.
Io ballo, guarda, l’ombra ti sta ritirando, fuggendo da me,
ti assorbe come una tomba –

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