It was the exact time – Era l’ora esatta – A fost ora exactă

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

it bite the air, it breathing the water
shore of us seems… almost
smoke by me the expectations a pack at day,
the searches,
the discoveries is delayed in smoke
week has increasingly fewer days
increasingly more nights
the seasons pass from morning till night
the future comes back to flawless polishing… vices and virtues
the place widens because they I tend to do consumer economy
for every millimeter of clay
My persistence whet me to always pass thresholds, nicknamed gorgeous horizons
and how, if I’m still here? Or there around …all the same
Gillette ax, the luxurious cream, get up my hair at unique true ascension
the victories it count them on the fingers, under fingernails
with which I clung to life as of a shore …It was the exact time. It will be the exact time? No. Always has …been.
it bite the…

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