the creation of the world – talks fast forward / la creazione del mondo – dialoghi avanti veloce / Facerea lumii – dialoguri pe derulare înainte

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

give me a sound
to clothe these bones vitreous
our meat by waters is shrinking without music
every sunshine, every blade of rain is a note on the stave
never randomly
I hid in the corners hostile
believing that asceticism, the silence, somehow me save –
so, I found only the multitude of egos scattered chaotic…
this thirst for music that recompose me and I have still need
just of a particular sound to fulfill the prayer
and just God has the time to wait, I have not never
do not rush to fill the clay pot – said a new myself – listen:
in the each ocean missing a drop, in each world is a man of less
perfection, this means that the circle is always almost circle
the symmetries crumble the space, is always need something, something else
now, you know the secret on the…

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