the point of not-view / il punto di non vista / punctul de nevedere

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

the time lies at the intersection of hands of clocks
at the point
along of hand clock is enumerating by the sins
carries them… repeating them perfectly –
who can get out of from the rigors and dials?
to live in the world without himself?
You can watch the movie of your life without reproach?
can take you to another beginning, without the same mistakes?
you believe that love is learned through exercises such as gymnastics of the heart?
or that in a sign of question can find the answer?
If you were the hand clock, secondary, who’s the dial that you will wipe away the tears and smile?
and how many times you repeat the role before going on stage
eloquently reciting the prayer in which you do not believe?
the hands clocks produce a variety of deaf applause, but not for you …oh!…

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