winters parallel – inverni paralleli – ierni paralele

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

fields of mind are empty –
storehouses of paper… stuffed
a paste copper anoint driveway and sky
ooze, threatening the gray of ooze waving clothes
or at least pockets
I go to meet with snow and
I have specific stage fright by teen
when she was waiting for me out of school and I took care
for not seem that I watch other girls

the shoes reproaches me that I walking too fast
white leaf falls in my eyes; I passed in front of the high school
round the corner already snowed
hungry nostrils it dilate air penetrates basalt cubic
she it is still in the same location
believes in the horoscopes – I’ve converted my years in the paper
through the drifts and already annoyed that did not touch me any snowflake…
smoldering storehouses, Winter, I look only to you


i campi della mente…

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