mega-kangaroo from latex / mega-canguro di lattice / mega-cangurul de latex

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

because I did not pay the bill to heat
I loved and I shared everything I had into splinters
in the rush integrative and in crisis by community
splendidly named …society
a civilization reduced to a common denominator
that I not have part, the money … a civilization
with too much advertising for detergents and laxatives
so, I went too fast direct since May to September
and I lost all the rich landscape
placed in exhibitions by the seasons
Now, everything is cleaned up, white, white-wind, white-glaucoma
and a new breed of cold … in its own marsupial I keep other bills, of course,


perché non ho pagato la bolletta al calore
ho amato e ho condiviso tutto ciò che avevo in schegge
nella corsa integrativa e crisata della comunità
chiamata splendidamente società …
una civiltà ridotta a un unico denominatore comune
a che io non ho…

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