milk and musk flower – latte e fiore muschiato – lapte și mosc

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

the crosses multiply by photosynthesis? …asked the man cub on
the willow at the gate of the cemetery –
You know, I see they flourish, wither and die, but
I still have not seen any fruit …
the answer, wavered with wet voice: what you see are not crosses,
are the arms of time, always open
what you think is nestled in the star clock, when he, blind,
embraces as a stepfather, the life, the things
and can bear fruit only in your non-forgetfulness
Among the willows sprout a bunch of fresh crosses
smelling of milk and musk flower
(Half of man cub rises too above than it might pick up the Time
the other half goes into the soft embrace of the dust)
a twig leans, touching the forehead of water


le croci si moltiplicano per la fotosintesi? Ha chiesto il cucciolo dell’uomo
al salice al cancello…

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