Do not put ever ice in wine – Nel vino non si mette mai del ghiaccio – În vin nu se pune gheață

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

He looked at the people on the street through the dirty cup of wine
and saying that women are wept, that the beard at men are in bizarre colors…!
a smoke and eyes as dashed from a sling, glued
the missing part of the miniskirt of the saleswoman
sell fake sounds lascivious, from second-hand…
listening to the rustle of tires on wet asphalt
attacked the mouth of the cup by the wall
he knew
what brand of car passed, the last one was a Mercedes of funerals
had not finished the wine, nor fears, he sipped cautiously,
lived the peace of a madman sedated – she painted the room in flames
and slept in bed with a bag of ice cubes, cubes with thin voice
and in wine do not put ever ice
palpated the air, taking it in his fist, fearing
if it ends up the air…

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