valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

gardens fit on the palm
in a written word
directly on the sheet – life does not allow drafts
spend together at the time of unexpected paths and
solitudes become definitive
to what would be the rage, what would too quiet
everything consume us, it cut us the sprouts, until we are bonsai
and does not need any courage to die – let your hair long,
nails, veins, dreams and paths
where to come back to bite you and hugs you the worlds…
Otherwise, the doors of the house of the solitary are always from behind
gardens grow through the pores and the eye-window is always more opaque
and you walk alone in the streets deep in the palm


i giardini si adattano sul palmo
in una parola scritta
direttamente sul foglio – la vita non ci consente bozze
trascorreremo insieme al tempo dei percorsi inattesi e

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