Hell is full of artists, Heaven with their works… – L’inferno è pieno di artisti, Il Paradiso con le loro opere… – iadul este plin cu artiști, raiul cu operele lor…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

Twisted thinking
We live in the age of advanced technology, forecasts, statistics and systems
The era of plastic and biodegradable feelings
Everything takes forms to a standard of the series, Mimicry global
is a dance for initiation in vain
The dreamers flocked to milking the muses of every last drop
of lyricism
from where, then, to weave a name –
Not everyone realizes … that the poet’s fame will last much
as the applauses and just the fame of the poem
has no time
The speculators waiting like vultures to the corpse, the death of the artist
Then you bring to weighed: the soul, dreams, failures,
fear and hunger of the one deceased
pulling their large share for themselves …as discoverers of values
The pain of childbirth are extinguished in the echo under the dust
The world starts again, the same wrongs
Vices and Virtues…

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