The siege yellow – L’assedio del giallo – Asediul galbenului

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

Mold on the doors, walls and eyelids
flowing from the eyes liquid pencils
On a yellow sheet that extends from almost near
A chorus haunting loner, or simply an echo
from the her footsteps, that has left, I make a tourniquet –
between the veins by walls gushing memories hemorrhagic and transparent as the time
In the fifth corner of the ceiling
crippled spider weaves his latest veil, confusing thread of light and falls
the yellow of sheet enveloping him as a requiem silent, leitmotif
I go against the echoes, crossing deaths, I rebelled, unloving
Graphite is shattered in the air, revealing the plot; the eyes depart on their own, far off,
the chorus called me back with diminutive as my mother


Muffa sulle porte, muri e palpebre
dagli occhi fluiscono matite liquidi
Su un foglio giallo che si estende da quasi vicino

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