Wait, do not shoot… – Aspetta, non sparare … – Stai, nu trage…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

my calendar, I do not know how are yours, but my …shoot
shoot, shoot in me with the days
as a machine gun
with a fantastic cadence
where they were, where they are
the years? They lied to me …that the Earth is a sphere
is only a poor tear loose. Yesterday I was looking for me: Where are you baby …?
today, already tomorrow, I’m a target hit by these cannibalistic bullets
Wait, do not shoot me (remember the movie) there is no way, I do not even exist
I can already tell that I was


Il mio calendario, non so com’è il tuo, ma il mio… spara
Spara, spara in me con dei giorni
come da una mitragliatrice
con una cadenza fantastica
dove erano, dove sono
gli anni? …mi hanno mentito che la Terra è una sfera
è solo una povera lacrima sciolta. Ieri mi…

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