Instigation of poetry – Istigazione alla poesia – instigare la poezie

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

I’ve beaten all
those who passed, statues with yellow shoes vortices, in front of my house
I beat him with the ,,good day,, , with the flowers and a blank sheet of paper and a pencil –
a couple of days later there was no one, was a desert

to the post office from end of town, there is a row crazy, as for milk, some time ago
On the sidewalks extending a trail of paper
hundreds of complaints, gripes, indictments, and nor a poetry…
People write strange in these days, I tell myself, I collect pencils on the soles, as the tacks


Li ho picchiati a tutti
quelli che passavano, statue gialle con delle scarpe vortici, di fronte a casa mia
Le ho picchiato con degli ,,buon giorno,, , dei fiori e un foglio bianco e una matita –
un paio di giorni poi non passava nessuno…

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