What is the meaning of greeting ,,Merry Christmas,, / Qual è il significato degli auguri di ,,Buon Natale,, / Ce înseamnă urarea ,,Crăciun fericit,,?

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

In this beautiful month of December, we say, and in particular, we expect from others to tell us Merry Christmas

But, that is more than these greetings, what is the meaning of Christmas today, how it could be a really good Christmas?

Pasteurized feelings, feelings – antibiotics, vacuum feelings, feelings of second-hand, hypochondriacs, relational obligations hypocrites, too much, much, too much business …as if 25 December we celebrated as the birth of the God Money… a sort of traditionalism of the market stalls… as if Jesus would be born not in a manger, but, right on the shelves between the multi-colored flashing lights …the opportunity for a race of illusions that we are in some way …someone!… Who we are?

The world is full of persons hungry, sick, imprisoned, lonely, homeless, without heat, without a lot of goodies (which we leave the illusion…

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