those two, yes, I no… – loro due, sì, io no… – ei doi, da, eu nu…

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

even if you are fit, casually, in my shoes,
my shirt, my girlfriend…
you do not try
you do not know which roads are waiting for them to do
even if you’ve learned how to fight with the fatality, even with honesty,
you choose wide trails, however, somehow, we will gather
under the same tombstone
you will be a polished stone; I will be a stone opaque
why you always inventing new regrets – said the second my self
towards the first
have come to be jealous my scatterbrained mind, with my heart cursed…
and I do not know
to which of them will fit really
my shirt, my shoes
my girlfriend…


anche se ti entrano, le mie scarpe,
la mia camicia, la mia amata…
non provarle
non sai che strade li aspettano da fare
anche se hai imparato come combattere con…

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