Thank you, I have enough… – Grazie, ho abbastanza … – Mulțumesc, am destul…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

Melancholic ghosts of the things haunt us
The dust settles and within them, not just on the surface,
covers imperfections
We heal us from these ghosts if we rediscover the meaning of the word “enough”
Too rarely we use a ,,Thank you,, for what already we have
The progress is a mountain of the things expired and another mountain, too higher,
of needs that we do not even Need
Therefore, let us ask our independence towards the things
and we to live above them, we are one primordial thing
Enough with the war of things against us


photo by Andreas Angelidakis

Ci perseguitano dei fantasmi malinconici delle cose
La polvere si deposita nel loro interno, non solo in superficie,
copre le imperfezioni
Ci guariamo da questi fantasmi se riscopriamo il significato della parola “abbastanza”
Troppo raramente utilizziamo il ,,Grazie,, per quello che già…

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