the point – il punto – punctul

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

for not to put the dust on the love
for do not go down the love in the dust
you bear the wounds of life, you clenching your teeth so long as shatter
then, puts to the teeth fillings from delusions or memories, if you still have the memory keys
the fears make an open-heart surgery –
if… in the imminent moment everyone will be alone?…
She, looks towards the sea and sees it as a fur coat of her dreams, that you did not you ever bought
you look askance across the mountain that grows on your shoulders
all infirmities and failures remain, and only your skills and accomplishments leave you…
at one point she removes with a piece of scarf a trickle of blood from his your mouth
do you feel that you kissed?
somewhere in the decor, two young men…

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