The miracle of our hands… / Il miracolo delle nostre mani … / Minunea din mâinile noastre…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

absolutely everyone has to go through the same routes
suffering, disease, loneliness and despair … and death as healing?
I THINK you can do without these paths of attrition of itself and loved ones…

I propose today, to we become all stubborn and to no more suffer nobody, all of these
It’s just a way; to we hold hands at the same time, at least seven minutes, seven billion people…
– A unique desire will heal everything, even what we do not know that we suffer
In 2014, July 7, 07:00 Japan time … the miracle of our hands


assolutamente tutti devono passare attraverso le stesse rotte
la sofferenza, la malattia, la solitudine e la disperazione… e la morte come la guarigione?
CREDO che si possa senza questi percorsi dello spreco con logorio del sé e delle persone care …

Io propongo…

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