The Genesis – La Genesi – Geneze…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

Incandescent, the fan fell into the ocean, killed the last mermaid…
Later in the evening, sprang from the waters, a island in the shape of lotus
in the middle they was the god-butterfly and as almost every god, claimed
sacrifices as protection fee
Before, was be satisfied with the smoke of burnt feathers, plucked
by butterfly wings, and now, every butterfly feared
to recite, hiding in caves from colors
secretly it praying to the spirit of the siren
Then, the god- butterfly has claimed the dreams of girls-butterfly
and every girl-butterfly he feared of dreaming, wove in secret
other imaginary islands…
The god-butterfly, bored, it metamorphosed in man, an oddity that
chase after butterflies even and where there are no …and will not be
The man, still retains the nostalgia for the sacrifices …and longs for poetry
does not know that lurks in…

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