Essay on false – Saggio sul falso – Eseu despre fals

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

moral integrity is reported subjectively, for example, Hitler and Attila has killed – public opprobrium
Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar has killed – are worthy historical models
the history is not written only by the victors, but also from the creators of false models
no one has a moral model, in the depths of the soul all are corrupt
nudity, sexual perversion, cannibalism is immoral
but is morally to you accept laws of social, economic and political
that condemns people to subjection, plunder and hunger
the wealth and energy wasted in the spectacle of the world, is moral
but, the generosity a mockery
speculators and speculative action must to be considered more immoral than Hitler
boundless hypocrisy is taught in schools, inoculated generational
languages commercial finds justifications for legalizing murder and robbery
for setting the moral interests of the moment
social norms…

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