has your flavor – ha il tuo sapore – are gustul tău

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

the Spirits are often received with more pomp, the world believes in magic
and the magic believes in the world, the Spirits not…
we searched feverishly a Extraordinary, a Unusually, the Opposite –
the paradoxes has wrap the love being you have longing of she
as both in the absence how and in his arms
as it does not exist in love a ,,how much,, or a ,,How,, …
the longing remains a skeleton of your soul and the measure of the errors
I am surprised you, but you don’t know, you were touching the body
You wanted to know which part of him love me less or at all
then, you draw mazes with the soles that, when I will come, to me wander
you scared the imaginary dangers, of deaths, that can happen to me wherever, beyond you
I knew…

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