the blush of Death / il fard della Morte / Fardul Morții

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

we are the clay, and over time
some, become ceramic into ovens of events
others, the brick for the next kilns
Earth comes from the chimney of a pearly white smoke
of the chimney by Earth goes out the smoke pearly white
and who is watching the sky is assumed that is the beard of God
the devil blew to extinguish the fire and stirs up it worse…
the only enemy is the water of indifference and it may be
between the fingers of the soul escapes the body-vase slammed to the ground
at the fateful hour of frost
those who refuse the events and do nothing for fear of fire
order not to be accused of anything, they turn into fine powder
the blush favorite of Death
I think being a whistle from clay, as well as those
from the fairs in…

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