the smile was abolished * il sorriso è stato abolito * s-a abolit surâsul

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

look at they: the children are born sad, with seriousness, already mature
her cross the threshold of life and seems to be them the funeral ceremony
us, the big ones, we are the last children of the planet
because we buy more toys for us than for them
we smile, laugh sometimes, because of old habits, and we are ashamed in front of children
they look at us metallic … and they think we’re retards
Now, the first thing we need is to rehabilitate the smile –
not the crying, already has yourself learned


photo by AudraMcD

guardateli: i bambini sono nati tristi, gravi, già maturi
varcano la soglia della vita, sembrando una cerimonia funebre
noi, quelli grandi, siamo gli ultimi bambini del pianeta
perché compriamo giocattoli per noi di più come per loro
noi sorridiamo, ridiamo a…

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