and what if…? – e che cosa se…? – și ce dacă…?

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

in our eyes there is so much ice
and in our mouths so much winter wind…!
the glances could cut the sky into strips
and go, weaving them, on the other side of the tower
In our eyes is so thirsty
and in the mouth so dark, that the words
groping drink their blood
into us no longer living nobody of long time
the snakes are coming in vain to lure us with apples, the tree is prohibited unnecessarily
even the Death passes by us, without noticing of us
We have become the huge into the ego of unlove and so naked
the echo of past songs is heard as thunder cracked
Look, the Earth has remained a bead; it is played with the little finger
it wanders – and what if…?


nei nostri occhi c’è tanto ghiaccio
e nelle nostre bocche cosi…

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