Cyber dream – Cyber sogno – Cyber vis

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

I do not want a domestic robot
I stumble of him through the house, while he will wash the floors? …
I want
I would like a robo-applaudist and a robot that repeats metallic the hosannas for me
I want a robot that encounter the creditors – would get along fine
I would like a robo-girlfriend who to robo-kisses me and makes me robo-nag
a robo-priest to cyber-marry us
then to have many semi-robo-children that to we semi-robo-call
robo-mother and me …and on me how?
I do not want anything; I want my name so how it was anonymous
I want bucket and mop, I’ll wash the floors…


Non voglio un robot domestico
inciampo di lui per tutta la casa, mentre lui laverà i pavimenti?…
io voglio
Vorrei un robo-applauditore e un robot che ripete metallico gli osanna per me
Voglio un…

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