The end of the postman in love / La fine del postino innamorato / Sfârșitul poștașului îndrăgostit

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

The dirges of the Wind announce the death of Love.
they gossiped old women young, sitting with his elbows on the fence of the Day
The Postman passing said: No, not dead, only that
we are becoming too superficial
– You opened the letters of others, murderess,
how could you know? – He accused one of the
old women young – could be a really for me!
– For Death and for you, no one has ever written,
so shut up, ‘said the man pedaling in tears…
Old women young began a dance of initiation, dressed
only in rough burlap of wind
The Postman himself received an envelope
directly in the chest, a heart attack with stamp of collection –
The dirges of the Wind… something has known…


Le nenie del Vento annunciano la morte dell’Amore.
spettegolavano delle vecchie donne giovani, sedute con…

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