apparently a fairytale – apparentemente una fiaba – aparent un basm

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

A man took somebody’s life. And do you not think that taking that life, he would now… two…!
Gnawed by the passion of jealousy, he suspected that she would go with another. It was not even his wife, a woman who received him at her breast.
She has always instigated, thinking in his little way of thinking that, in that way, would stop and to propose to marry…
But where …He stalked nights in a row and nothing. No evidence of another man.
She came to know of his stalking and was offended by the story, but to give more water to the mill, him had sent to the buffet to buy another bottle of brandy, that had, just has been emptied. During this time she wears the boots left by the deceased father, and did some track in the yard, at…

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