In the world… Nel mondo… Prin lume

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post:  English, Italian and Romanian languages

roll up sleeves my boy, and starting to do something,
said mom, wiping a hoary tear with a corner of headkerchief
Since then I have always rolled up their sleeves, the years, the distances, and I keep me of things and of words
trying to increase, but higher than the tear of mother I will never
because in it lurks the patience…
Patience that she forgot to give me in milk with deep wisdom…
now I’m wandering in the world with a brain with décolletage as an overwhelming Sahara…


Rimboccati le maniche ragazzo mio, e darti da fare qualcosa,
diceva mamma, asciugandosi una lacrima canuta con un angolo di sciarpa
Da allora ho sempre rimboccati le maniche, gli anni, le distanze e mi tengo le cose, le parole
cercando di crescere, ma superiore alla lacrima di madre non potrò mai arrivare
Perché in…

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