On the road towards you… Nella strada verso di voi… În drumul spre voi…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

Today we will talk about us. You and I, I’m one of you… Yesterday I wrote of education, we are accustomed to do the easiest from among the things, to criticize and claim one “otherwise”. But this one “otherwise” we just have to create it. The Education should be to consummation it starting with ourselves. We begin to put in another way the questions and seek their own answers within us and around us. We will find that it will be enough things off to change.
To justify this writing, I’ve already started “the cleaning” and not in the home as in my mind and my soul. I dedusted the shelves of frustration, to make a place for those fresh, I checked the fingers pointing towards others, to see if they have fingernails cut and clean …they were not…
And I opened the…

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