Reality show…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

I pass of Via Cavour (in Rome) I climb, and then I take a tram and go home
I boil some fresh sausage ham in lard and wine
I drink a cup of mulled wine and I write, and write about
my silly longing of Romania…
A Romanian was laughing in my nose: Come home sir, so …why suffer?
An Italian looked at me wrong, he said: but yes, just go, and also, ye are too many here
Another Italian says dryly: stay here, I just came back from there, listen to me, you’re stayinghere…
Another Romanian: Look, how do this man the whims, I too would like
to sing like a Tudor Gheorghe, “out there is my country”, riding on the Eiffel Tower…
Another, short: but go in to your …beep
The sausages are dried up, cooled wine, I close the…

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