The Pyre – Part One… Il rogo… Rugul…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

The motivation of creation is not found in the artist but in his work, so that the work already pre-existed and only the artist knows. The artist sacrifices everything to reveal it. So, being revealed, the work does not feel betrayed, his hiding to be declassified, but revived, materialized, humanized as well as the man, in his turn, is deified, it being the work of the great Creator…
The work invented through comparisons, associations of ideas, hunting for novelty and the impression, is just an exercise; the work revealed by his spiritual form and who moves in object, is true art.
There is a temptation to believe that the work reflects the artist’s soul, a sort of “image and likeness” ethereal. But the artist’s work before his birth there, waiting for him in the incomprehensible nested shells of the sky. Blind, confused, just…

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