“When we hated us and we loved us, crying”

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

“When we hated us and we loved crying” by George Tarnea(Romanian great poet)

remembering those confused events
children as the crucified Christs,
with happy guards for sad angels
in the sea invaded by jellyfish

brutally I commanded you not to move
until I collect all the cold from the lips,
from the heart then, I asked excuse
for the lie that, however, you exist.

but, you will not be nowhere more quiet
and more submissive never to another
as only in the night blind and hot

when we hated us and we loved crying,
without the need of words
at how much death we collect in mind


“Quando ci abbiamo odiato e ci abbiamo amato piangendo” di George Tarnea (grande poeta rumeno)

ricordando quelli confusi eventi
bambini crocifissi come dei Cristi,
con guardie felici per gli angeli tristi
nel mare invaso da meduse

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