I just said

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

a mist with wine with cigarettes without filter and black coffee, bitter
my room has never had a ceiling
the worms of the mind go up, pass as in the cheese, towards the nothing common
blind, life go in naked ass, at few feet from me, with eyes licking the windows
that for a long time do not have glass
the meteorites, somewhat ironic, do not hit me, almost fall and melt
no drop of rain, no snowflake, no ray, nothing touches me
the fog makes me a shield and wooden floors it rise to the knee, we become the same thing
those worms cannot gnaw this woodiness that is become, the fog has inflates more…
but comes the salvation, look, the cigarette reaches your fingers, the coffee is cold, the wine
receive at the bottom of the jug a yolk of vinegar…

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