now, I live so

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

threatened by love, punishable by the conviction lifelong, even after…
the verdict it repeats in every your smile
I found freedom in the bondage in get the joys for you
my job is: the archeology of a kiss, counting the his echo relived…
and I give all the money for fuel of the dream machine: fulfillments
because anything is possible when love exist…
the opposite of love is not hate, but …indifference
when you do not care nobody about that I exist, I no longer exist…
when I do not care that you exist, you become another woman…
I live now …so
with ax of love… above the head… that
no longer proud of when love you
now I live so… or barely by now


minacciato dall’amore, punibile con la condanna a vita, anche dopo
la sentenza la ripete ogni tuo sorriso

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