One kilogram of God please…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

Parents, sick birds, children, birds with wings unfinished
Aspirations induced, false, a huge waste of enthusiasm when
everyone always believes, erroneously, that no one was born at the right time.
Generations of parents remained children, and their children born mature…
No one wants to accept that justice is a spiritual matter
everyone wants to jump in along the steps on the social ladder, at least in twos,
and the illusion of the jump to be measured only with access to consumption
The poor are fighting among themselves; the waste of blood enriches the soil from the rich…
Yet the rich are fighting each other with more fervor, but the collateral victims are always the poor…
Some fight of boredom, naivety or herd instinct, others for the need of well, no one initially defining the concept…
I think the biggest mistake was to exhort…

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